Key Takeaways: Meeting of the Minds 2017
By STG's HCM Leadership Team

Mar 28, 2017 | HCM, OCM | 0 comments


    Meeting of the Minds 2017- A Valuable, Educational and Engaging Conference for HCM Professionals

Last week a team of Spencer Thomas Group leaders and consultants attended ADP’s Meeting of the Minds ’17 in San Diego. We were an Emerald sponsor at the conference and are proud partners with ADP. The weather was spectacular and the energy at the conference just as bright! It was a great opportunity to network with partnered professionals from ADP and we’re happy to have made new connections. Once again It was a great event and a perfect venue where we met with clients and friends and began forging new friendships. It is always interesting to attend sessions with our ADP Partners and gain insights from their perspective and to share our experiences from the previous year and current projects. While we were there we took note of trends we were seeing and wanted to share them with you.

    STG’s 4 Key Trends

  1. Clients are looking at new solutions to replace their older systems. ADP Vantage HCM was a hot discussion topic that came up often. Vantage is ADP’s strategically focused HCM System. Many of the clients that we spoke with had either recently implemented Vantage or had upgraded to Vantage from an older ADP product. On the global arena many clients are looking closer at ADP GlobalView and ADP Streamline. In either case, the trend seems to be staying current to take advantage of the advances ADP has been making in their top end solutions!

    How can STG help with Vantage? We can source Vantage experienced professionals that can assist on the client side of the project. STG can provide clients with                 experienced Vantage project managers and subject matter experts to assist in the migration from an older platform or with a brand new implementation of Vantage!       

  1. There was a lot of interest and conversations about Organizational Change Management (OCM).  ADP clients are clearly putting more emphasis on Change Management as a key success factor to adoption and overall project success.  How each organization manages change, however, still seems to be unique and differs by client. The trend here is that, while more people are realizing the benefits of formalized Organization Change Management, they aren’t necessarily sure on how to go about it. ADP provides direction and templates that clients should consider for their OCM activities related to their services.  Some may opt to expand on ADP’s guidance to be more comprehensive and others just haven’t found the resources to effectively manage the change. What’s more, in addition to classic OCM activities, we’ve seen clients opt to include organizational structure & role changes, process improvement, and “playbook” documentation as part of their OCM program.

    How can STG help with OCM? The themes mentioned above echo our experience in the criticality of organizational change management for successful project rollouts.         We were delighted to have these conversations, as they allow us to help companies get the results they need. STG uses a dynamic framework that provides a proven               approach, coupled with the appropriate tools, templates and experienced professionals to drive OCM work streams across all project phases. The STG OCM framework is           based on vast experience of how to effectively manage change to achieve program success across many different types of business transformations. It considers your               unique culture and business challenges and is comprised of organizational change management best practices.

    We maintain a laser-focus on the “people” dimension of change for a simple reason: to enable program success as defined in terms of time, budget, and the realization of         business benefits.

  1. Global clients still have challenges with Integration and Consolidated Reporting. It’s difficult to become a global company. It’s even more difficult to act like one! ADP is making strong progress on integrating their own systems as well as building the right bridges to most industry accepted major platforms. Making sure all of these systems talk to each other is not easy, but the benefits of doing so are very enticing. Once integration is achieved the challenge of consolidated reporting becomes less of a problem. Until then, we heard that companies are struggling to connect all of these dots.

    How can STG help with Integration & Consolidated Reporting? STG knows all of the major platforms in the industry and we know how to make them talk to each         other. There are a number of strategies to consider including “off the shelf” integration, manual data entry, custom integrations, etc. You also need to decide what                     integrations are more important than others. We can help build a strategy to accomplish this as well as provide the resources to do the technical integration where needed.

  1. There were mores sessions and discussions on Talent Management this year than ever before. Recruiting, On-Boarding, Performance, Compensation, Succession… all were topics of conversation. The HCM industry has been trending towards a more consolidated talent management product suite as part of core HR over the years as bigger companies have bought up many of the niche talent players. This trend was more evident at MOTM this year especially with the maturing of Vantage HCM. The question is how many ADP clients are implementing and taking advantage of these service offerings?

    How can STG help with this? Implementing specific Talent Management modules requires specific expertise. Our insightful and dynamic resource strategy, RightFIT™           allows us to offer our clients the best and brightest professionals available with the skills and experience required to meet business goals and objectives. We believe                 RightFIT™ makes the difference. Our extensive  HCM expertise coupled with an exclusive, thoroughly vetted network of talent drives the success of your business’ initiatives.     That’s why our customers rate STG higher for overall satisfaction than our competition.

    We would love to hear from you as well. What do you think is trending for Global HCM and Payroll issues and solutions this year?



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