Preparing Your Organization for HR Transformation [5 Steps to Success]
By Kevin Koser, VP, Global HR & Payroll Solutions

Aug 18, 2016 | HCM, HR | 0 comments


In the beginning, “HR transformation” was essentially a movement, driven by a host of HR leaders, consultants, and technology companies. The focus was to move HR from a predominantly administrative function to a more strategic one. In 20 years of experience as an HR technology consultant, I’ve seen my practice grow from implementing HR and Payroll software solutions to supporting global HR transformations that optimize HR’s contribution to the overall business success.

Throughout the years, there has been an evolution of innovative technology solutions that create efficiencies, integrate business processes globally, improve workflows and automate the mundane and complex HR business transactions. The emergence of the latest best practices and technologies are truly game changing in that when employed appropriately and involve HR transformation, they can deliver human capital management solutions that drive both employee and company performance. Since most organizations already have automated HR administration, the simple automation of HR processes can no longer assure a competitive advantage. Recent research shows organizations that successfully adopt sophisticated HR technology tools outperform those that do not, but tools alone are not be enough to drive true HR transformation. 

“Changing Technology ? Improved Business Performance Unless You Change the Way You Change.”

-Jeff Chan, Chan Mgmt. Consulting / IHRIM Workforce Solutions

The Case for Change
Organizations are in need of further HR transformation to drive sustainable business impact.

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Imagine a Transformed HR that Provides:
– Single ‘Source of Truth’ common platform for all worker HR data.
– Best in Suite approach to technology and data that easily handles exceptions and        makes HR more strategic .

– Efficiency achieved by streamlined and standardized processes and technology across all geographies .
– Insight into your workforce so you can develop and retain top talent.
– Real-time analytics to support well informed, effective business decisions.
– Employee Engagement programs with modern technology offering a great worker experience.

The next big step for HR is to help the business achieve its strategic objectives for performance and growth. Today’s HR leverages technology in new and innovative ways and emphasizes analytics and compliance to achieve an environment where business objectives are aligned and organizational performance is enhanced. This approach combines systems and people strategy that drives policy and process harmonization across the globe to change the minds and culture of the entire organization.

Are You Ready?
Is your organization ready to establish global business processes and an HR service delivery model; develop HR and organizational capabilities to directly support your business objectives? Companies that accomplish these challenges can better respond to existing and emerging HR challenges.

Five Steps to Success
1. Define global technologies and processes

2. You need to reset expectations for HR’s role and effectively implement the new HR strategies to create value for the business and achieve your business goals.

3. HR structure, evaluate its effectiveness and align HR strategy to improve business performance.

4. Evaluate the current business processes to remove redundancies, design for optimization and strengthen coordination among teams.

5. Find a third party advisor to advise you on the selection of the right software, partners and resources for optimal service delivery.

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The success of HR transformation extends beyond the creation of capability and focuses on building the solutions, skills and network required to leverage that capacity to drive the highest impact for the business.


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