Focus on: Organizational Change Management (OCM)
By Bob Dell Isola, SVP, Global Services

Sep 20, 2016 | OCM | 0 comments


To be successful in a constantly evolving global marketplace, organizations must adapt and embrace innovation and change. The idea of change, however, is unsettling because it requires everyone involved to step outside the safety, comfort, and familiarity of their current world. Understanding and working through the challenges that impede success is crucial to realizing desired and beneficial outcomes.

The status quo is ‘easy’ in the sense that one already knows how to do what they’ve always done. People can agree intellectually that maintaining outdated or ineffective practices simply because they’ve worked in the past will not support continued success. What’s harder to determine is: How should things be done? How will that be accomplished? What if it doesn’t come easily? To make matters more complex, a person’s natural survival mode is bound to kick in and bring about questions such as, “What does this mean for me and my job?” And at the crux of the matter of change is the initial negative response of the ‘inconvenience’ of it all. Understanding how your workers experience and deal with change is critical when managing any change initiative, especially across a global marketplace with diverse cultures.

A change management initiative starts with the question “What needs to happen for this organization to be successful moving forward?” Just as important is the question, “How should this change be implemented so that it will happen and be successful over the long term?”

Spencer Thomas Group’s (STG) approach to Organizational Change Management is guided by an understanding of how to work with and win over the heart and head of every stakeholder, every step of the way. STG provides not only a strategy, but also actionable steps required to execute change effectively. We work with your organization to establish effective programs and training that will sustain change and truly embed the new model into the organization.

Through years of experience leading successful organizational change initiatives, STG has a proven track record of how to accomplish these outcomes in an organization while avoiding common pitfalls that can derail efforts. We do much more than share success stories and proven concepts; we put our experience and deep knowledge to work for our clients. We are active partners in the process, not just guiding an organization on what they should do, but defining the detailed steps to get it done and staying the course with you to perform the critical work so that the change is achieved and maintained to your desired results.

Stay tuned to this STG OCM blog series, as over the coming months we will highlight the keys to executing successful change initiatives. Topics will include:
– Identify and effectively work the real stakeholders in a change initiative. This will include those who drive change, contribute to it, and are impacted by it
– Understand Impact and Change Readiness Assessments and what to consider
– Integrating Project Management and Change Management and understanding the different skill sets and focus areas required
– How to measure Adoption and the top contributors to success
– How to leverage effective Change Resources, Communications Plans and Training Strategies
– Governance and Risk management considerations
– Establish early wins and the risks of thinking you’re done too soon! 


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