John Cuozzo

John Cuozzo

Director of Sales LinkedIn Profile

John Cuozzo serves as the Director of Sales at Spencer Thomas, where he leverages a decade of sales experience and Human Capital Management (HCM) expertise to offer a consultative approach to meet clients evolving needs. Since joining STG in November 2021, John has been pivotal in managing the Dayforce practice, guiding clients through their HCM journey so they maximize their technology investments effectively.

John’s passion for exploring different cultures and social dynamics began during his travels abroad in high school, which subsequently inspired him to pursue a degree in International Business. This background perfectly aligns with his role at STG, a company with a global footprint, providing him the opportunity to engage with multinational corporations and understand the impacts of globalization in the HCM space.

At Spencer Thomas, John is committed to forging long-term partnerships with HCM providers and consultants to cultivate a winning culture that delivers positive client outcomes. His work involves detailed account planning and strategic sales initiatives, making him a critical member of the STG leadership team that drives the company’s vision and partnership strategies.

When not in the office, John stays active with hobbies such as golf, hockey, and biking. He also enjoys spending quality time with his nieces and nephew, striving to earn “Uncle of The Year” honors year after year. John enjoys listening to podcasts, which satisfy his continuous thirst for knowledge and help expand his curiosity about various subjects.