Spencer Thomas Group’s Organizational Change Management (OCM)
By Bob Dell Isola, SVP, Global Services

Nov 1, 2016 | OCM | 0 comments


In order to respond to or meet constant industry, marketplace and regulatory changes, organizations need to continually evolve. Most organizations have learned that any significant change to their processes require some level of focused change management for success. Baseline change management activities, like training and communication, are not sufficient to drive change at the scale and pace required today. In fact, initiatives that require organizational change often do not achieve sustained success due to a lack of continued support of the new processes or behavior beyond “go-live.”

At STG, we advise our clients through effective management of alignment, awareness, training and adoption for all relevant parties and stakeholders involved in the change. Our OCM practice is comprised of seasoned leadership with executive-level Organizational Change Management expertise and an experienced team of OCM professionals who have built their careers delivering change management services that help clients successfully address the key obstacles to change. This broad, in-depth experience allows us to be focused and efficient in the conduct of our projects and to plan and execute change management initiatives on any scale with unsurpassed speed and agility. Our innovative, integrated OCM services yield superior project results at a lower cost point.

STG’s approach to OCM is designed to orchestrate, and make manageable, what would otherwise be a very complex undertaking. In the change process, we provide a defined structure to engage individuals and groups across the enterprise. We craft a thorough strategy and plan, then execute with a methodical approach, enabling companies to manage change with precision and more predicable results.

Our View: Organizational Change Management proactively addresses the “people-related” risks that must be managed to achieve a successful implementation.

Focus on Issues and Risks
Address the “people” issues to promote a successful implementation of major organizational, process and technology programs.

Focus on Implementation and Benefit Realization
Increase the probability of successful program implementation and accelerate benefit realization by:
– Helping leaders reach understandings and agreements that result in acceptance and unified action
– Preparing and equipping managers and employees to thrive in the new environment

Focus on Collaborative Processes
Create processes that help people accomplish a critical change initiative together across traditional organizational silos.

Our Approach: An effective transition approach mitigates the risks and aligns the organization across the enterprise to successfully implement the changes.

Change Management

How STG Helps Your Organization Achieve Sustained Change
STG uses an integrated framework that provides a proven methodology, coupled with the appropriate tools, templates and experienced professionals to drive OCM work streams across all project phases.  The STG OCM framework is based on vast experience of how to effectively manage change to achieve program success across many different types of business transformations. It is the embodiment of organizational change management best practices.

We understand what drives acceptance, adoption and support to new systems and new ways of working, and we translate that knowledge into OCM deliverables that can be tracked, measured and executed.

We maintain a laser-focus on the “people” dimension of large-scale change for a simple reason: to enable program success defined in terms of time, budget, and the realization of business benefits.

We also look at OCM from a financial investment return perspective as well as a process view. Our advanced metrics enable your organization to measure the IRR of your project and delivers enhanced ROI results.


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