4. Live It

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Embrace Your New HCM Reality
We celebrate your milestones alongside you. 

The Transition
The transition to your new human capital management (HCM) system marks a significant achievement. While it’s time to celebrate, providing ongoing support to your teams as they navigate this new environment is crucial. The journey continues with learning, adjusting, and optimizing the new tools and processes.

Continuous Improvement
Post-go-live, a period of hyper-care ensures your teams receive the support needed to adapt smoothly. This phase addresses immediate challenges and offers a seamless transition to the new systems and processes.

Upgrades and Enhancements
Technology evolves, and so should your HCM solution. We assist in integrating system upgrades and updates, managing change, and training your teams to fully utilize new functionalities.

After the initial implementation, support continues to ensure the new system and processes achieve stabilization. This period allows for the refinement of workflows and the solidification of the new operational landscape.

Optimization for Future Success
Whether refining your current setup or exploring additional features, our team guides you through optimization and enhancement initiatives. Our goal is to ensure your HCM solution continuously meets and exceeds your strategic objectives.

Next Steps with Spencer Thomas Group
The “Live It” phase is about more than just using a new system. It’s about thriving in a new operational reality. Our expertise supports your journey every step of the way, from celebrating go-live to ongoing enhancements and optimization. Contact us to continue shaping your HCM success story.