2. Plan It

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Navigating Your HCM Transformation
We understand the importance of strategic planning.

Roadmap to Success
Planning is the cornerstone of any successful human capital management (HCM) transformation. Once you’ve selected your vendor(s) or inherited a new solution, the journey toward implementation begins. Planning paves the way for smooth adoption and effective integration, whether stemming from a top-down directive, acquisition, or strategic decision.

Understanding Your Starting Point
A comprehensive analysis of your current state in terms of people, processes, and technology sets the stage. This deep dive allows us to chart a clear path from your present situation to your desired future state, identifying system enhancements, personnel changes, and process optimizations needed for a successful transition.

Project Management Office (PMO) Integration
Aligning your project management methodologies with those of your chosen vendor ensures a cohesive approach to implementation. Whether leveraging existing structures or adapting to new ones, the goal is a seamless project rollout.

Project Timeline and Resource Allocation
Establishing a realistic timeline is crucial. We help you consider all variables—from organizational readiness to compliance challenges—ensuring your project plan is both comprehensive and feasible. Flexibility in scheduling, resource allocation, and budgeting is key to accommodating inevitable shifts along the way.

Resource Planning
Identifying the right mix of skills and experience for your project team is vital. From internal stakeholders to external consultants, every role is critical. We guide you through assessing and optimizing your team composition to meet project demands.

Budget Realignment
After vendor selection, a thorough review of your project budget ensures alignment with the project scope and timelines. We assist in refining your budget to include contingencies for unforeseen challenges, safeguarding project success.

Deepening the Analysis
Revisiting the analysis conducted for your business case, we confirm all data remains relevant and conduct further investigations as needed. This step is essential for defining project specifics and preparing for vendor collaboration.

Business Process Mapping
A critical examination of existing business processes versus future requirements helps identify gaps and opportunities. Involving all stakeholders in this process ensures a holistic system and process integration approach.

Establishing Effective Governance
Clear governance structures support project oversight and decision-making. We aid in defining roles, responsibilities, and escalation paths to maintain project momentum and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

Moving Forward with Confidence
With Spencer Thomas by your side, you’re equipped to navigate the complexities of HCM transformation. From detailed planning to execution, our expertise ensures a path tailored to your organizational needs and goals. Start your planning journey with us today.