Kelly Mangum

Kelly Mangum

VP of Marketing & Communications Phone: +1-603-374-7212 LinkedIn Profile

Kelly Mangum, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at The Spencer Thomas Group, brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to marketing. Her career, spanning more than 25 years, has garnered her deep expertise in diverse aspects of marketing, from strategy development to digital marketing and creative management.

A commitment to data-driven results is at the core of Kelly’s work model. She excels in crafting marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive tangible outcomes. Her leadership skills are evident in her adept management of cross-functional teams, where she combines creativity with strategic thinking.

Before joining Spencer Thomas Group, Kelly was the driving force behind several successful initiatives. As the founder of kdm.Marketing, Kelly showcased her skills in digital marketing and SEO optimization, while her role as Director of Marketing at Entrepreneur Media emphasized her talent in content journey strategy and lead generation. Her diverse background also includes impactful roles that have provided her with experience in strategic planning, full-scope marketing campaigns, brand partnerships, team management, search engine optimization, social media, UX/UI testing, and A/B testing. 

Kelly’s extensive expertise allows her to balance the technical and creative aspects of marketing uniquely. She has navigated various industries, including industries in an agency, franchising, manufacturing, high-tech, and hospitality technology, healthcare, and human capital management, demonstrating her versatile understanding of different market dynamics.

As Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Spencer Thomas Group, Kelly is tasked with designing and overseeing the company’s marketing strategies to strengthen and elevate Spencer Thomas’ market position continually. Her focus is on enhancing digital engagement and ensuring the company’s brand is consistently presented in all internal and external channels. This includes overseeing creative development, driving project management, and ensuring all marketing efforts reflect the company’s values and objectives. Kelly’s role is pivotal in maintaining the integrity of the Spencer Thomas brand across all platforms and collaborating with various departments to deliver cohesive and effective marketing solutions. Her leadership is key in setting the direction for the company’s marketing endeavors and making executive-level decisions that shape the company’s presence in the marketplace.

Located on the seacoast of New Hampshire with her family, Kelly enjoys all the area has to offer, from the beaches to the mountains. Kelly lives an active lifestyle that includes skiing, other outdoor activities, and cooking. Kelly also enjoys volunteering as a board member of the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.