Raffaele Menale

Raffaele Menale

VP, Global HCM Solutions LinkedIn Profile

As the Vice President of Global HCM Solutions for Europe at Spencer Thomas Group, Raffaele brings over two decades of specialized expertise in HRIS, payroll management, and strategic leadership development. His tenure in the industry, spanning almost 25 years, gives Raffeale a deep-seated understanding of global HR operations management and systems efficiency, including pivotal systems implementation projects that aim for significant time and cost savings.

Raffaele’s career has been dedicated to enhancing the global workforce experience, focusing on innovative ways to improve operational efficiencies within the HR and payroll sectors. His qualifications, including GPHR, PMP, CPP, HRIP, CAAP, LDSS certifications, and a doctorate degree in industrial neuropsychology show his dedication to excellence and continuous learning in the field. 

With skills in ADP Payroll, leadership, and healthcare, Raffaele embraces technological shifts and changes within the industry. As a millennial, he appreciates the field’s evolution and the global impact it has on workforce management. 

Aside from his professional endeavors, Raffaele resides in Caserta, Italy. He is deeply connected to his Italian heritage through opera singing and the art of making limoncello. He also enjoys sailing, a tradition and hobby that runs in his family. 

At Spencer Thomas, Raffaele continues to drive forward-thinking HCM solutions across Europe, leveraging his extensive experience to enhance system implementations and operational efficiencies. His leadership advances the company’s strategic goals and embodies the innovative spirit that propels the industry forward.