Stefani Santella

Stefanie Santella

Director of Administrative Services LinkedIn Profile

Stefanie Santella serves as the Director of Administrative Services at Spencer Thomas Group, a role that leverages her background in accounting and finance across various industries. Since joining Spencer Thomas in December 2016, Stefanie has been integral to the operational and financial management of the company, overseeing the back office, billing, and commissions, as well as managing Spencer Thomas’s HR for all employees. Her work ensures the smooth running of the financial side of Spencer Thomas, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and success.

Stefanie’s career prior to joining Spencer Thomas spans over 20 years in accounting. During this time, she contributed her expertise to a range of sectors, including a church, a construction company, an IT company, and a healthcare organization. Her experience encompasses managing payroll, accounts payable, and receivables.

At STG, Stefanie values the collaborative and supportive atmosphere that has allowed her to wear all her hats at once. She appreciates the opportunity to apply her experience in a setting that feels like a second family. 

Outside of her professional commitments, Stefanie is an avid outdoor enthusiast who finds joy in hiking, playing pickleball, snowmobiling, and boating on the lake. She cherishes any opportunity to do activities that allow her to be outside.